A Slew of Updates and New Beginnings


Sorry for the lack of updates, it’s been bit nuts the last few days. But anyway, I wanted to chime in and post that there are more designs coming shortly. In fact I just resized all the images for upload a few minutes ago. Here’s a brief overview on what’s been going down: Promotion: As of this past Friday it’s … Read More

Fernando’s Maid Service


With Fernando’s Maid Service, I have a modern, bright, and monochromatic design following a responsive layout. The design was made clear, simple, and to the point while following the company’s brand and color scheme. As before, below are the three layouts of desktop, tablet, and mobile in full which will also be posted on its portfolio entry.

Easter Part I & II are Over, Time for Updates

tcoderreSite Updates

Now that Easter’s all said and done after back to back weekends, one Dad’s side, the next Mom’s, I have a few updates to go around. During off times and digesting I did have a chance to update the site a bit. Below I’ve given a run down of what’s gone down since my last post.  121 Digital Marketing is … Read More